DIY Text Message Marketing

Do it yourself Text Message Marketing. SIMPLE to do right from your computer or phone. After people opt in to your VIP Text Club they will automatically get an offer on their cell. Then anytime you want to Broadcast a message or offer you can do it yourself in 2 minutes and it will reach the entire list AND they will SEE it because it is on their cell phones. ( they gave you permission to do this). SO when business is slow or you have an event or offer you want to make, you can broadcast at will!

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Done 4 U Text Message Marketing

& Social Media for promotions


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Done 4 U services for those busy business owners that want Me to Work FOR you!… AND I will promote the program on Social & Old School methods. Done 4U services are Guaranteed because I KNOW it will get Done & it WILL get you results.

Want to Really Increase Your Business with Incentive Marketing?


Vacation Incentives to encourage purchase of Gift Certificates, run Contests, Reward Referrals, or to Increase Sales

Vacation Incentives to Grow Your Business & Get an Edge Over Your Competition

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Get an edge over your competition and make YOUR business stand out! I also offer DIY or D4U services for this product. Contests and Social Media can enhance the effectiveness and reach with the use of this program. VERY inexpensive for all that you get and can offer your customers and potential customers.

MANY Destinations to Choose from & NO TIME SHARING Required. OTHER Incentives also available Restaurant Certificates & Hotel VIP Discount Cards


Beat Your CompetionBE FIRST TO MARKET


I can get you IMMEDIATE New Mover Data the day they register in your town. This normally takes 6-8 weeks. I give you a DAILY News Feed of the New Movers PLUS an option to download data for any zipcodes in your area.

I am working with a 15 year old database company but this offer is Brand New so call me for details….

NEW MOVER DAILY DATA for as little as $55/mo or 1 time payment of only $995

To Summarize: You get New Mover Data IMMEDIATELY when they register in any town(s) you want to cover. This information is 6-8 weeks before ANYONE else even has the information to sell. This information is a DAILY FEED and sent directly to you.You will also have the ability to go back and search for any New Movers within 6 months, a year, whatever.We are going to give you 10,000 credits for this information for this 1 low price. You will also get F.ree an email software so you can F.REELY email residents in any area you want. There are more benefits but this alone should be enough to have you see the tremendous value here.One time cost of only $995 or $100/mo for 1 yr or $55/mo for 2 years. Your choice.  This program is in beta for me ( my business partner has been doing this for years!) so  that is why the price is so low and all the added freebies….Let’ me know if you want in.

Contact Maryellen @ 603-490-4371 ( 7 days/week 9am-11pm EST)

Make SURE Your emails are seen and they don’t go to the “promotion’s folder or SPAM!!

Make SURE your recipients SEE Your Emails 100%

Whitelist Your Emails with BRAND NEW SOFTWARE

This service has NEVER been offered before. This assures your email recipients WILL SEE your emails with 1 click of a button.

“If your contacts are telling you that they’re not receiving your email, a good place to start is to have them check their spam or junk folder. If they see your email there, then ask them to whitelist your email address. Whitelisting an email address ensures that emails sent from that specific address reach the Inbox, instead of being marked as spam.”

“Gmail may accidentally mark a friend’s e-mail as spam simply because it mentions certain phrases or products. For situations like these, you can add a whitelist to your Gmail. This will help messages from people you know land in the inbox, and not the trash can.

“Add specific addresses or domains as “safe” so they aren’t automaticaly marked as SPAM by Gmail. This list is known as a “Whitelist”
sooo what are your Next Steps…..

Next Steps…

Obviously each business is different and you may have different challenges. I will give you a Free Consultation and we can determine where you are and where you would like to go. Sound Fair? I am excited to learn about your business and I’m excited to help you grow your business. So Call or fill out the form and we can set something up.

I have other solutions for you too….let’s chat so that you can at least find out how my 30+ years of marketing experience can help you grow your business. I PROMISE you that it will NOT COST YOU ANYTHING because the ROI will put you in PROFIT!!!! It will only Cost you IF YOU DON’T allow me to help you now!!

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