Welcome….I am looking forward to helping you grow your business. I LOVE marketing and I have 30+ years of marketing experience. I think out-of-the-box. I am so confident I will help increase your business I offer a 100% $$$ Back Guarantee!!

Maryellen Hunter Duchesne

Guaranteed Done 4U Services

100% Money Back Guarantee for my Done 4 U services.

I understand that you are busy & don’t really have time to work ON your business…just mostly IN your business. That is why I developed some Done for you programs. Since I am doing the work for you, I know it will get done and I KNOW you will have results and that is why I can guarantee RESULTS! Make Sense!

I also offer DIY for those business owners that WILL take a few minutes to work ON their business…but what I have found over the years is that most say they will but they don’t. IF you are going to use the service it WILL work 100%!

Check out one of my DIY services using Text Message Marketing.

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Done 4 U Text Message Marketing

I offer that same Text Message Marketing Service as a DONE 4 U service as well. Ask me about the tiny investment for ME to do the WORK for you.

If you own a business then I KNOW you are busy! Check out this complete DONE 4 U service using Text Message Marketing & Social Media.

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100% $$$ Back Guarantee for Done 4 U Text Message Marketing Program.

Use Unique Incentives to Stimulate Business & Get an Edge Over Your Competition.

Allow me to show you some unique ways of stimulating business & get an edge over your competition using vacation incentives. You can either run these programs yourself or once again I have a DONE 4 U program where I will give you the ideas and do the fulfillment of the projects and contests etc.Learn More

Next Steps…

YOUR business is unique and you may have unique challenges. So the best way for me to help you is for us to chat. I will listen to what you need and I will provide Smarter Solutions for you! Fill out the form or simply Call me or Text me at 603-490-4371. Looking forward to helping your business grow.